What my clients are saying...


"Gerry from GMR Plumbing has been doing the plumbing for ONQ PM for about 6 months and his services are outstanding! He's fast to get to properties and have never had an issue with his pricing!!"

 - Leanna R.


"Gerry was more than helpful when my washing machine was leaking water pretty bad.  He communicated and was able to come over very quickly!  When he was clearing the pipes he made sure he did a very thorough job and checked and rechecked how things were running.  He is very professional and communicates what is going on so well.  I would highly recommend Gerry and GMR Plumbing."

 - Anna F.


"Gerry from GMR Plumbing came to the rescue several times at my previous apartment complex and he's been extremely helpful answering questions as I work through the process of purchasing my home. He is very personable and knows his stuff. I would highly recommend GMR."

Elyssa F.


"Hands down the most knowledgeable and best plumber we have ever used. We used him to re-pipe our entire house after it was discovered our pipes were brittle PVC pipes. Have since used him on a number of jobs as well as at several of our rentals. Now our property manger uses him now too."

 - Rob N.


"Gerry is the real deal. He is very friendly, and most importantly, honest! He doesn't scam or upsell and only does what is needed. He truly is a pro. He charges by the hour, rather than an exaggerated flat rate, which actually seems to be more fair than other plumbers. He lives close by (Mesa) and he has always stuck to his time lines. I would definitely recommend him in the future to anyone that needs a skilled plumber."

 - Jerry R.


"I have hired Gerry for many different jobs from installing a backyard sprinkler system to rerouting a gas line in my attic to fixing a leaking water heater at my rental property (among other jobs.)  Every single time the job is done right the very first time.  It is refreshing to do business with someone that is honest, knowledgeable, and very competitive with his pricing.  I will never use another plumber as long as Gerry is available.  He is a man of integrity and someone that I trust to quote me what I need without upselling me on things I do not need."

 - David B.